The Tool Chain

The first products launched were yogurt and goat’s cheese. In 2002 ice cream was added to the product portfolio which necessitated an investment into new refrigeration plants and machinery, and new refrigeration vehicles

Yogurt – needs to be between 4 - 6°C to ensure compliance
Ice cream - needs to be at around -20° C to ensure compliance.

The Products

To develop such a great range of dairy products Phillippe and Antoine have spent many, many years and months testing, retesting, and perfecting their products - not only for taste but also for safety. There team is also trained on how to test and guarantee the products on an ongoing basis.

The Ice Cream

For many people the obvious concern in such a hot climate is whether there may be issues with salmonella – but not so for Yao as there are no eggs included in the recipe – it is simply a blend of milk, fat, sugar and fruit depending on the flavour.

The Process

The process must be scheduled properly with strict attention paid to sanitation.
Upon entering the facilities you are required to don plastic shoes or booties which prevent dirt and bacteria from entering the area.

The processing room, which appears immaculately clean, permeates an aroma of fresh warm milk. There are two holding tanks and a water sanitizing tap. The first tank is used to recombine the milk. Ultra violet sterilized water is added to the powdered milk to preserve the best taste possible.

Since milk is the most vital part of the production it is imperative that the milk be treated to remove unsafe bacteria. Once the milk has been recombined it is transferred to the other tank where it is further pasteurized. The process is very delicate, as the correct temperatures must be attained in heating and cooling the product. 26% fat milk is used to make the yogurt.

Continuous Development

At Yao we continue to develop new flavors and new products. Recently we have taken over a year to develop a fruit multi- vitamin juice using “MALTISORB” as a sub statue for sugar. Using the pulp from the fruit we have developed a juice, and a diet version that tastes fantastic. We do one off and special orders for hotels, restaurants and private contracts. No matter how small we can develop a flavor or packaging as a limited edition for your yacht, hotel or simply an anniversary.